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Things that a Japanese woman bought at iherb in Aug 2016

  2016/08/09    Purchase history at iherb

Here are what I placed an order on the last day 31st Jul of “10% off SALE” and received them on 4th Aug. It took only 4 days to be delivered from California to Tokyo! And the shipping is free! …

Review: Alba Botanica Emollient Sunscreen Sport SPF45-iherb

  2016/07/01    Purchase history at iherb

This is the sunscreen for my body at outdoor this summer! iherb: Change the sunscreens depending on the situation We should protect our skin from ultraviolet radiation A and B causing not only skin damage and skin aging but …

Things that a Japanese woman bought at iherb 17th May 2016

  2016/06/10    Purchase history at iherb

Hi internet shopaholics!  I’m Kozue, 41-year-old iherb shopping junkie from Tokyo. Today, let me briefly show you the process of the order at iherb. Go and place an order at iherb It’s so easy to put what you want …