Things that a Japanese woman buys at iherb


My first post!


Hi there, I’m Kozue Sakurada, a 41-year-old Japanese woman live in Tokyo.


“iherb” is the huge online shop which sells nutritional supplements and other healthy products both in the U.S., as well as internationally.

I had been a VIP customer at iherb for few years.
#VIP program was changed into royalty credit program in 2016 and all the customers are treated equally now.


Some are not available in Japan, some can be purchased at far lower prices than buying them in Japan. But there are too many products at iherb (over 35,000) And to find the one which is worth importing or the one you really want is not easy.

So I started blogging about the products I bought at iherb in 2010 for Japanese women who are interested in buying organic cosmetics and supplements at this site.


In this blog, I’d like to share those information in English so that everyone can understand. I’d appreciate it if you could let me know your favorites, too!

Enjoy shopping at iherb!

Kozue Sakurada


 - Kozue Sakurada