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Review: Alba Botanica Emollient Sunscreen Sport SPF45-iherb


This is the sunscreen for my body at outdoor this summer!



Change the sunscreens depending on the situation

We should protect our skin from ultraviolet radiation A and B causing not only skin damage and skin aging but also skin cancer.


But you know, sunscreens are sometimes harmful to our skin, making our skin irritated and dried. Because they contain ultraviolet absorber which produces a stimulant when they convert the UVs into harmless long-wave radiation.

If we choose the sunscreen which is absorber free, it will be less harmful but at the same time it loses it’s defense power against the sun.

My decision is to use two types of sunscreens, one with the absorber for outdoor use and the one without it for daily use.

Appropriate score of SPF

An SPF 15 sunscreen screens 93 percent of the sun’s UVB rays.

SPF15 93%
SPF30 97%
SPF50 98%

There is only a slight difference between SPF30 and SPF50.  I think SPF30 is enough for daily use.

Anyway, SPF is not an amout of protection per se. Rather, it indicates how long it will take for UVB rays to redden skin when using a sunscreen, compared to how long skin would take to redden without the product.

I think SPF 40-50 is the ideal score if I use it in outdoor activities like swimming, playing at amusement park and shopping in a town.

Even if you are not in the pool, you will still get sweaty in summer. And you don’t have enough time to reapply it when you are enjoying the activities. You might forget about it. So the water resistant function is necessary.

You can find a suitable sunscreens of Alba Botanica which has various type of products at iherb!

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As I choose “Very emollient” type, it contains certain amount of oil which looks separated.


But it will be penetrated between the cells of skin when you spread it out.


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