Things that a Japanese woman buys at iherb


Things that a Japanese woman bought at iherb 17th May 2016


Hi internet shopaholics!  I’m Kozue, 41-year-old iherb shopping junkie from Tokyo.

Today, let me briefly show you the process of the order at iherb.

Go and place an order at iherb

It’s so easy to put what you want into the cart but don’t forget to type “ANA569”  to get 5 dollars off for the first time shoppers.

The shipping cost is free for orders over $40 to Tokyo.

Here are the list of my latest order on 17th May 2016.

How long does it take from LA to Tokyo?

I placed an order on 17th May , and received on 21st at Japan time.
It took only 4days!

In average, it takes 5-7days.


#”DATE TIME” in the table is recorded at LA local time.

What I purchased were carefully, sometimes roughly, packed in the box which is always filled with cushioning materials.





I’m sorry for males who are not interested in feminine, personal care items…but I’m going to review all the products one by one.
Have a nice shopping at iherb!

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